Service features

After connecting to the service, very soon your medical organization will be able to offer new paid services to customers. Separately, or as part of existing products.

Consulting by the attending physician

The patient asks a question on the website or in the mobile application, and the doctor answers at a convenient time. It can be used at any distance, on any device with the Internet and on-the-job. Video communication at the initiative of a doctor, adding an emergency telephone number and medical history are possible.

Remote monitoring

Physiological measurement results inquiry, informing and reminders about taking medications. On the basis of the graphs, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment remotely, which is especially important during a pandemic and self-isolation.

Patient care

Automatically informing patients with different diagnoses about their condition. Connecting relatives and social workers sending questionnaires, with minimal workload for the doctor.


The service is successfully used in more than 40 medical institutions throughout Russia.

Key Features

Ready-made telemedicine solution

Patient counseling is carried out in full accordance with the legislation: by the attending physician after a full-time reception of the patient, personal data is protected in a secure loop of Rostelecom, and all messages are logged (Federal Law No. 323-FZ Article 36.2, paragraphs 3-4).

Full control over the process is made by the attending physician. We do not have access to patient's data, you set the cost of the consultation independently, without informing us about it.

We only charge a fixed cost for one day of patient consultation.

Attracting new customers and retaining old ones

The introduction of a new remote consultation and patient monitoring service between face-to-face visits is a great competitive advantage.

Increased customer loyalty

"Guaranteed visit support" and care from the medical institution are a good reason to return to this particular organization when the need arises.

Additional income for the medical institution and doctors without unnecessary stress

Remote consulting allows you to increase the average bill without overloading and the need to change the doctor's schedule

Who can we offer the service to?

According to a survey organized by the Union of Medical Organizations, remote consulting by an attending physician after an in-person visit is the most demanded telemedicine service.

More than 36% of patients are ready to use and pay for such services from medical organizations.

For patients after surgery

The service allows you to stay in touch with the doctor who took care of the patient in the hospital for the entire period of home follow-up treatment and rehabilitation. This is especially important for parents - when discharging their children from children's hospitals!

For pregnant

And other categories of people who constantly monitor their health. Organize information about the pregnancy process by trimesters, schedule reminders of the necessary tests and planned appointments.

For parents of little children

The service allows you to always stay in touch with your pediatrician, receive vaccination reminders, information messages and use the self-diagnosis questionnaire prescribed by the doctor.

For chronic patients

Communication with the attending physician in the intervals between face-to-face visits. Possibility of remote monitoring and correction of treatment based on it.

For relatives of patients

For patients who are in a hospital, the service can be offered for prompt remote interaction with the attending physician, including answering questions about the patient's condition.

For children of elderly patients

Providing communication with the attending physician for relatives, social workers and nursing staff in boarding houses, sanatoriums or at home.

How does the service work?

The patient signs an informed consent and a contract at the front desk' and then receives a link to activate the account by email.

Bothe the patient and the doctor can use the website or the mobile application, and after the consultation is completed, the patient will not have any contacts of the doctor. Patient reviews are displayed in the clinic's administrator interface.

Remote monitoring capabilities

Measurements and medicines

The service allows you to set up reminders about the need to take a measurement or take a medicine and keep a diary of their results and facts of taking. Visualization of the results is available to the doctor and the patient in the form of graphs.


The ability to periodically automatically send a questionnaire to patients about the symptoms of respiratory diseases. When symptoms occur, an automatic notification is given to the doctor.

More detailed


A set of questionnaires for heart failure, angina pectoris, hypertension and arrhythmia. Dynamic monitoring of parameters and notification to the doctor in case of a change in the situation.

Try the service in action!

You can apply to create a page for a medical organization, but it's better to start with a free test account.

A test account is almost no different from a working one; within a month you can maintain up to three contracts for free, which is quite enough for a detailed acquaintance with the service.

You will find even more information about the service in the presentation, and a detailed guide on using the service for the administrator of a medical organization can be found on our reference portal.
презентации, а подробное руководство по использованию сервиса для администратора медицинской организации - на нашем справочном портале.


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  • Consulting patients through ordinary messengers is not provided for in the current legislation: they do not have the ability to authenticate through the ESIA, and the data can be stored abroad.
  • In Medsenger, the doctor does not tell the patient his contacts, and the counseling channel is automatically closed after the expiration (or early termination) of the contract.
  • Appeals from patients are isolated and not confused in the general mass of personal and service messages, the service reliably notifies of the patient's appeal and regulates the doctor's response time; the doctor is obliged to answer during this period at a convenient time.
  • The consulting service is officially paid, so the doctor receives legal compensation and the institution receives income.

For the same reasons as are relevant for instant messengers, plus:

  • The patient does not risk calling at the wrong moment and distracting the doctor from an urgent matter;
  • Usually people formulate the question more clearly in the text than in the oral conversation; the patient can attach documents or photographs to the application to clarify the issue;
  • The doctor will more accurately understand the question and answer it more fully if he does it not "on the run" over the phone, but in a calm atmosphere at a convenient time.

  • The Medsenger service maintains the confidentiality of personal data of users (doctors, patients) in strict accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Russian Federation.
  • Personal data is stored in Rostelecom's data center in a special secure storage that meets the requirements of the Federal Law “On Personal Data” No. 152-FZ. The data center has all the necessary documentation and certificates to guarantee the effectiveness of protection.
  • Passwords for Medsenger user accounts are known only to the owners of these accounts and no one else. Medsenger does not generate passwords for users or send them by mail.
  • The staff of TelePat LLC serving Medsenger does not have access to personal data of users, with the exception of information about officials of medical organizations, which is necessary to maintain contractual relations.

Upon the fact of services you provided to your patients. Within the framework of the contract made with you, we take payment according to the number of patients served by you. The unit of service is a consultation provided to one patient during one day and it is a fixed amount. Payment is calculated based on the results of each calendar month. We do not charge any prepayment or subscription fees.

The service is successfully used in dozens of private and public medical institutions throughout Russia. The current list can be found . here.

To connect to the service ...

  1. Fill out the medical institution's questionnaire.
  2. ign a contract with us (we will contact you after completing the application form).
  3. Get the access to the control page for your institution and prepare a set of documents for the patient - informed consent and contract. We will send the templates.
  4. Offer a service to patients, sign contracts, accept payment, consult, pay doctors for their work.

But you can start by creating a trial account. It won't take more than a minute.